2016 Convention results

Alternates are ranked by vote total, in the case of tie, the tellers drew lots to determine order.

State Vote Del/Alt rank
Mitch Rossow 58 Delegate
Christina Pierson 53 Delegate
Juliette Jordal 52 Delegate
Lea Westenan 52 Delegate
James Sorbel 48 Delegate
Andy Gildea 46 Delegate
Stephanie Anderson 42 Delegate
Dan Crowley 38 Delegate
Nicholas Conant 38 Delegate
Connor Wray 38 Delegate
Jennifer Breitinger 36 Delegate
Eric Chad 35 Delegate
Kaye Rakow 34 Delegate
Scott Peterson 33 Delegate
Theresa Murray 33 Delegate
Charlie Martin 32 Delegate
Willis Krumholz 32 Delegate
Jen Zielinski 30 Alternate – 1
Tommy Julsrud 30 Alternate – 2
Bill Mateikis 30 Alternate – 3
Mark Miller 29 Alternate – 4
Gregg Sougstad 28 Alternate – 5
Robert Nichols 27 Alternate – 6
Shawn Smith 27 Alternate – 7
Tim Lovestrand 26 Alternate – 8
Jeff Meyer 26 Alternate – 9
Lydia Tersteeg 24 Alternate – 10
Dan Cohen 23 Alternate – 11
Sarah Janacek 22 Alternate – 12
Jennifer Conrad 19 Alternate – 13
Lisa Pohlman 19 Alternate – 14
David Faville 16 Alternate – 15
Harvey Feldman 15 Alternate – 16
Bob Carney Jr. 15 Alternate – 17


CD5 Vote Del/Alt rank
Andy Rich 59 Delegate
Doug Daggett 54 Delegate
Mitch Rossow 46 Delegate
Eric Chad 44 Delegate
Juliette Jordal 41 Delegate
Andy Gildea 40 Delegate
Barbara Lunde 40 Delegate
Stephanie Anderson 40 Delegate
Christina Pierson 38 Delegate
James Sorbel 38 Delegate
Jennifer Breitinger 36 Delegate
Dan Crowley 34 Delegate
Willis Krumholz 34 Delegate
Bill Mateikis 31 Delegate
Theresa Murray 31 Delegate
Dan Cohen 28 Delegate
Naomi Tuura 28 Delegate
Michael Lindsay 26 Alternate – 1
Lydia TerSteeg 24 Alternate – 2
Mark Miller 23 Alternate – 3
Charlie Martin 23 Alternate – 4
Jay Silver 23 Alternate – 5
Douglas Groat 23 Alternate – 6
Jen Zielinski 22 Alternate – 7/8
Gregg Sougstad 22 Alternate – 7/8
Tommy Julsrud 21 Alternate – 9
Kaye Rakow 20 Alternate – 10
Melanie Broida Werl 20 Alternate – 11
Richard Olson 20 Alternate – 12
Robert Nicols 20 Alternate – 13
Tim Lovestrand 19 Alternate – 14
Jennifer Conrad 18 Alternate – 15
David Faville 18 Alternate – 16
Chris Tomlinson 17 Alternate – 17

February News

2016 Caucus
Caucus is one of the most powerful and engaging political events you will ever see. Minnesota is part of an exclusive group of states that holds these grassroots neighborhood meetings where we get together with our friends every 2 years to plan a revolution.
What is it? Caucus is the ground floor of a Democratic Republic. Republicans that share your polling place (precinct) gather on this one night to elect representatives to attend party conventions on their behalf to endorse candidates and conduct party business. They also choose a leader for their precinct to help inform the community and get out the vote in November. And of course, they vote for whom they wish to be the Republican Candidate for President of the United States.
If you haven’t attended caucus before, you should, it’s real-world participatory civics, a great chance to meet your like-minded neighbors and an opportunity to have your voice heard. Plus, this year the ballot you cast for president is binding. What does that mean? You can find out March 1st!
All SD61 precincts will caucus at Burroughs Elementary, 
1601 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Take a moment to look up your precinct name & location here.

Please help by Convening or Volunteering
Your local Republican Party is entirely volunteer run. This event, the bedrock of Minnesota grassroots is put together by dedicated volunteers with real jobs in the real world; regular folks who contribute their time and energy for a better future. We would greatly appreciate having you join us in producing this unique event. Whether you would like to lead a meeting or help behind the scenes, we will find a role that suits you.
To volunteer, please simply email Mitch Rossow. Include your name, phone number and precinct name, which you can find here.


Annual Chili Contest & Dinner March 13th!
As winter settles upon the Great North Country, what could be better than gathering with friends for some good old home-made chili? Join SD61 Southwestern Minneapolis Republicans and Scot Johnson from Powerline for our Annual Chili Dinner at a newly renovated and amazingly beautiful location in City Bella at 66th & Lyndale.

Chili Contest! Yes, now is the time to show off your Chili Making Chops! We will have some great prizes and an adoring crowd, so if you would like to compete, please be sure to select that option on the application here.

Our Guest speaker Scot Johnson from Powerline — with Hollywood attempting to rewrite history with a new movie about Rathergate, SD61 has Minnesota’s own Scot Johnson who, along with John Hinderaker, broke the story wide open; exposing CBS’s attempted October surprise take-down of George Bush that ended up destroying the career of Dan Rather instead.

The event is $15, but advanced tickets are $12. Tickets & more information available here.

Thank you, I look forward to seeing you at caucus!
– Mitch Rossow, SD61 Chair  mitchrossow@sd61gop.org