Democrat Machine Politics Condemned by Republican Leaders

Secretary Chris Fields and Chair Keith Downey demand fairness in the rescheduled Democrat precinct caucus in Minneapolis

(Minneapolis, MN) – The Republican Party of Minnesota is condemning what Secretary Chris Fields called  “blatant power politics” as Democrats rescheduled the Minneapolis W3-P6 caucus after the largely Somali precinct caucus was disrupted on caucus night.

Democrat Party Chairman Ken Martin’s decision to hold the caucus at a location outside the precinct has been criticized, along with his appointment of the caucus conveners rather than allowing the caucus attendees to vote on them.

The Democrats ironically are also requiring caucus attendees to present a form of ID to prove they are eligible to participate.

“This power play by the Democrat establishment will favor 40 year incumbent Phyllis Kahn who is running against a credible Somali candidate for the Democrat endorsement,” said Fields. “When Democrats need to protect one of their own, suddenly policies that enhance Voter ID are OK. This isn’t where the Democrats were in 2012 when such policies were called racist and an attempt to intimidate voters. While we welcome their about face on this issue, it is truly a shocker.”

“These arrangements sure make it look like the Democrat machine is trying to engineer an outcome,” said Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey.  “And the challenger is hard-pressed to publicly object to the power brokers.”

Fields also said, “For the Democrat to demand an ID to participate in a local caucus reeks of utter hypocrisy. The message they are sending is that they believe in fair elections when it suits their interests. The larger lesson for our minority communities is that the DFL will use every tool available to minimize their ability to become truly equal partners in democracy.”

“DFL opposition to Voter ID was never rational, and clearly today they embrace it because they know Republicans were right,” concluded Fields.  “We believe our minority communities have every right to expect a fair and unbiased election process. Unlike today’s DFL party, our party is a grassroots organization that respects the will of local communities to determine their own political future.”

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