61A Caucus

February 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Kenwood Elementary School
2013 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

A-side SD61 Precincts Caucuses will be held in one location at Kenwood Elementary School.
Registration opens at 6:30pm, please come early to register!

Your presence makes a difference!

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Precinct Caucuses serve several purposes:

1. It’s The Start Of Choosing Republican Candidates
Caucus attendees will elect delegates who will endorse individuals to become our Party’s candidates at the BPOU, CD and Federal level. On caucus night, you’ll be able to cast a straw ballot to indicate your preferred Republican candidate for President.

2. It’s Where Our Precinct Leaders Are Elected
Local, grassroots leaders are the backbone of the Republican Party in Minnesota. A commitment to advance Republican principles qualifies you to accept this leadership role.

3. It’s the Base of our Grassroots Efforts
Precinct caucus attendees make great volunteers for candidates and the State Party in the coming months. We cannot move forward without your involvement.

4. It’s The Start Of The Platform Process
The resolutions that are passed at caucuses are the starting point for changes to our Party’s standing platform, which states the Party’s principles and beliefs.

While the political process starts March 1st, it does not end there. Over the next several months, there will be a variety of opportunities for you to support your candidates and your local Party.

After the caucuses are complete, be sure to stop down to the Burroughs Elementary Lunchroom for an after party & social!

Change and winning begins with you!

Find Your Caucus Location

Caucus Terminology:

BPOU: Basic Political Organizing Unit. The local party unit which may be a county, state house district or state senate district.

Call: The official notice of a party convention or meeting.

Convention: A party meeting of party leaders who have been elected by fellow activists.

Delegate/Alternate: A person elected to represent their group at higher party meetings. Delegates and alternates are usually elected based on the candidates or positions that they support.

Endorsement: When the delegates vote as a party unit to support a candidate, the endorsed candidate may then receive party resources to support his or her election efforts. However, endorsed candidates must still win the party’s nomination at the primary election.

Nomination: Candidates must be nominated before their names will be listed on the November election ballot. Major party candidates are nominated by winning the state primary election in August.

Party Platform: The statement of principles and issue positions that guide candidates, workers and members of a political party.

Precinct: A voting district containing one polling place.

Resolution: A written statement of an idea, issue, concern or action for people to consider at a caucus for possible addition to that party’s platform.