Jeff Johnson for Governor

Your Twenty-four delegates to the Republican State Convention in Rochester joined over two thousand other delegates from around Minnesota to overwhelmingly endorsed Jeff Johnson to run against Mark Dayton this November 4th! Jeff is a fantastic candidate and a great choice.

Here’s our challenge: three other candidates have chosen to ignore party endorsement and challenge Jeff on August 12th in the primary. What is the point of endorsement? The delegates to the state convention are elected locally through the process that begins at caucus. No delegates are appointed, they are all elected by citizens that come to the caucus. They are chosen by their fellow Republicans to invest the time and effort in getting to know the issues and the candidates. All of us had the opportunity to talk to each candidate and learn about their positions. If you would like to be a delegate in two years or have questions about it, please come to our picnic and meet the delegates.

That being said, you can see that this process mimics the Republic in that we choose people we respect to represent us and invest the time and effort to educate themselves and make reasoned decisions. A primary is more akin to mob rule — who has the best ad, who gets hurt by a ‘gotcha question’ — admittedly good tv and entertainment, but hardly a logical way to run a republic.

So we need to ask our friends and like-minded citizens to take a moment of their time to go to the polls on August 12th and vote for Jeff Johnson, not only because he is the best candidate, but also to maintain the integrity of the endorsement process.

To learn more about Jeff, please watch his video below, check out his website: and watch his interview on TPT’s Almanac!

Time to Fight. Time to Lead. Time to Win. – Jeff Johnson for Governor of Minnesota from Jeff Johnson on Vimeo.

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