March in the NE Minneapolis Parade with Cam Tuesday!

March in the Parade with Cam!

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Northeast Minneapolis Parade

Date: This Tuesday, June 18th 6pm
Location: Central Ave & 28th Ave.
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To learn more about Cam, check out this interview!

Video courtesy of SD63

Cam Winton

Cam is running for Mayor of Minneapolis and he will be speaking at the Picnic. If you have not met him or heard him speak yet, you really should. He has a great opportunity this year, since RT Rybek is stepping down, there are at least 6 DFL candidates and the election will be determined by Ranked Choice Voting. What does this all mean for Cam? Come to the Picnic and find out! Be sure to check out Cam’s website.


Help us to Win!

If you would like to get involved with organizing/hosting events, fundraising, door-knocking, calling voters, putting up or displaying yard signs or providing financial support, please contact us!

Kris Anne Hall

Thanks to the North Metro Tea Party for hosting a Constitution class with Kris Anne Hall! I’ve been studying the Constitution for years, but was blown away by all the revelations I had during the class. It’s amazing how much history has been scrubbed from our education. If we learned these things is school, our country would look very different right now. I found this video that shows only the first third of her class. She has written several books on the Constitution, you can see them here.

The Last Exit Ramp

Hang on, the last best hope of man on earth just missed the last exit ramp. Over the brutal and bloody 20th century, we have seen the full spectrum of collectivism around the world. America remained the shining city on the hill, proclaiming Liberty to the world, but now our country is about to experience the full force of collectivism’s horrific and flawed philosophy. So learn to obey the rulers, keep your head down, your heart free and your eyes open.

I Built This

This is the defining moment in the campaign. This is Obama being honest; he is a true collectivist who believes there is nothing exceptional about the individual. If there is a collective reason for your success, it’s that this country’s system of laws defend and protect the rights of the individual. It’s not the roads or the teachers, it’s freedom and liberty to pursue your dreams AND the rewards of your work.
One more thing, if we are all the same and the product of circumstance, then this website would look like every other BPOU website; well, it doesn’t because of me, Mitch Rossow. I built it all by myself because I wanted to.


Join us for an evening atop the Eitel building overlooking Loring Park and the Minneapolis skyline for a fundraiser and the opportunity to meet our candidates for Minnesota House:
Jesse Pfliger – Senate SD61
Devin GawneMark – HD61A 
Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins – HD61B
Drinks and h’orderves will be served.
Saturday, July 14th, 8:30pm
Eitel Building Directions
1367 Willow Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Facebook event page

SD61 Summer Picnic

Kenwood Park
SW corner of Kenwood Park
2101 Franklin Ave. W, Minneapolis, MN 55405 Map
We will be offering hot dogs, water & assorted pop for a buck each. It’s also a potluck so feel free to bring a picnic sidedish.  We’ll provide ice, paper plates, napkins & plastic wear. Please bring your own blankets/chairs.  Look for the tents!
Come meet your neighbors and a few special guests including Chris Fields, endorsed candidate for US Congress. Contact: