Democrat Machine Politics Condemned by Republican Leaders

Secretary Chris Fields and Chair Keith Downey demand fairness in the rescheduled Democrat precinct caucus in Minneapolis

(Minneapolis, MN) – The Republican Party of Minnesota is condemning what Secretary Chris Fields called  “blatant power politics” as Democrats rescheduled the Minneapolis W3-P6 caucus after the largely Somali precinct caucus was disrupted on caucus night.

Democrat Party Chairman Ken Martin’s decision to hold the caucus at a location outside the precinct has been criticized, along with his appointment of the caucus conveners rather than allowing the caucus attendees to vote on them.

The Democrats ironically are also requiring caucus attendees to present a form of ID to prove they are eligible to participate.

“This power play by the Democrat establishment will favor 40 year incumbent Phyllis Kahn who is running against a credible Somali candidate for the Democrat endorsement,” said Fields. “When Democrats need to protect one of their own, suddenly policies that enhance Voter ID are OK. This isn’t where the Democrats were in 2012 when such policies were called racist and an attempt to intimidate voters. While we welcome their about face on this issue, it is truly a shocker.”

“These arrangements sure make it look like the Democrat machine is trying to engineer an outcome,” said Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey.  “And the challenger is hard-pressed to publicly object to the power brokers.”

Fields also said, “For the Democrat to demand an ID to participate in a local caucus reeks of utter hypocrisy. The message they are sending is that they believe in fair elections when it suits their interests. The larger lesson for our minority communities is that the DFL will use every tool available to minimize their ability to become truly equal partners in democracy.”

“DFL opposition to Voter ID was never rational, and clearly today they embrace it because they know Republicans were right,” concluded Fields.  “We believe our minority communities have every right to expect a fair and unbiased election process. Unlike today’s DFL party, our party is a grassroots organization that respects the will of local communities to determine their own political future.”

Straw Poll Results

SD61 Straw Poll Results

While the candidates seeking endorsement for Governor closely matched the state-wide results (Jeff Johnson & Marty Seifert almost tied and Thompson a close 3rd), Mike McFadden was the clear winner receiving over 50% of the votes in SD61; over three times as many as Julianne Ortman.

US Senate Governor
Abler 8
Dahlberg 5
McFadden 66
Moreno 0
Ortman 21
Shadlick 3
Undecided 10
Farnsworth 0
Honour 7
Johnson 33
Seifert 32
Thompson 23
Zellers 4
Undecided 14

State-wide Straw Poll Results

2014 Candidates Seeking GOP Endorsement

U.S. Senate:
Jim Abeler
Chris Dalberg
Mike McFadden
Monti Moreno
Julianne Ortman

Rob Farnsworth
Scott Honour
Jeff Johnson
Marty Seifert
Dave Thompson
Kurt Zellers

State Auditor:
Randy Gilbert

Republican Party of Minnesota Relocates To New Headquarters in Minneapolis

The Republican Party of Minnesota will be moving to a new headquarters facility located in the heart of Minneapolis.
The Party’s decision to move from its current location adjacent to the capitol complex in St. Paul was influenced by a number of factors, including significant cost savings and a desire to place the Party offices in the middle of everyday Minnesotans.

“We are moving out from ‘inside the political beltway’ in St. Paul to be closer to the people,” said Republican Party Chairman, Keith Downey. “It is a visible and tangible sign that the Republican Party will be focused on regular Minnesotans and immersed in their circumstances.

The new offices are located at 2200 East Franklin in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, which is between the Midtown, Phillips and Cedar Riverside areas. It is also near the University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, and the Cristo-Rey, Minnesota Transitions Charter and Minneapolis South High Schools.

Downey concluded, “This is a great move for us on many levels, including the chance to connect with our new neighbors and show that we are on their side and our ideas work for them.”

The move will be completed by January 31, 2014.

Official Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate Straw Poll Results

Jeff Johnson and Julianne Ortman won the non-binding straw polls for Governor and U.S. Senator respectively today at the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee meeting in Blaine.

Johnson won 35% of the votes in the Governor’s poll with Dave Thompson coming in second with 27%. Ortman won the Senatorial poll with 37% with Mike McFadden coming in second with 21%.

ObamaCare Hurts Minnesotans

The disastrous ObamaCare launch has caused many to question whether Administration officials should be fired and the unpopular law be delayed. Meanwhile, Al Franken refuses to acknowledge that ObamaCare is causing health care costs to rise, that many people are not able to keep the plans and doctors that they are comfortable with, and that workers are seeing their hours cut and suffering the consequences.

Summer Picnic 2013


Date: Saturday, June 1st
Time: 2-5pm
Location: Kenwood Park, Southwest corner on Franklin Map

Come meet your neighbors and enjoy a beautiful summer day in SD61!

We’ll have hot dogs for $2 and soda for $1. We’ll also provide ice, paper plates, napkins & plastic wear.  It’s also potluck (totally optional) so feel free to bring something to share. Please bring your own blankets/chairs. Look for the tents!