Views and Opinions from SD61 Republicans

During the 2016 election cycle, we asked Republicans in our Minnesota senate district (roughly Southwest Minneapolis) for their views on a range of items via a survey.  We emailed people who attended the caucus in 2016 and shared their email address.  We had 140 people share their views with us – all individual responses were anonymous.

We conducted this survey to identify key issues and positions held by local party participants.  Our local Republican party and local candidates will be able to utilize this information to inform our approach to engaging with our base and to connecting with additional voters.  And we need to engage with additional voters!  Our local candidates hovered around 20% of the vote in 2016 which was well above the Presidential vote.  Losing is no fun – we would like to change that over time and impact statewide races too.

Based on the results of the 2016 caucus in our senate district (Rubio over 50%, Kasich in second), you may have suspected that our local Republicans may have different positions on some issues than the national or state party.  To appeal to a larger portion of our district (more than 20%!), we may need to stake out some positions out of sync with the national/state Republican positions.  The survey answers suggest that we can rally our shared core values and identify opportunities to broaden our appeal while representing our supporters.

You can see the survey results for yourself here.   We look forward to discussing as a group at upcoming local events.